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1. Pray seriously that the Lord would grant you to see your sins, and grant you true repentance and amendment of heart.

2. Make a confession to your priest or spiritual director.

3. Begin to say Morning and Evening prayers in full, or at least increase your prayer rule a bit; or resolve to pray with greater attention than usual

4. Read the passion narratives in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; or pick and read at least one.

5. Tie up loose ends and clear your schedule so that you will be completely free on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter (Pascha), and attend all the offered services of worship at your parish.

6. Visit your friends and family, especially those you haven’t seen lately and need to.  Be without haste and listen lovingly.

7. Ask forgiveness and be reconciled with whomever you have offended, either long ago or recently.

8. Take part in some act of charity.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Give to someone you know is in financial need.  Visit the lonely.

9. Fast on Good Friday.

10. Gather food and drink and get ready to celebrate on Easter Sunday.


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EXAMEN: Episode 1

A series of videos for Lent is being put together by the Church of the Incarnation.  I will post them here each week as they are released.  This week, Fr. Greg offers insights on examining our day, following, as a template of sorts, the prayer by Ignatius of Loyala entitled, “Examen”.

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