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The Anglican Communion Institute has released Anglicanism: A Gift in Christ, a two-set DVD series designed for adult education purposes. The set is composed of a series of talks given by renowned Anglican scholars and pastors. With Sunday morning or weeknight parish education sessions in mind, each lecture covers a key facet of Anglican faith and life: Bishop N.T. Wright on the New Testament, Dr. Jo Bailey Wells on the Old Testament, Dr. Edith Humphrey on Anglican hymnody, Dr. George Sumner on parish renewal, Dr. Ephraim Radner on mission, Dr. Philip Turner on Christian ethics, Bishop Anthony Burton on the prayer book, Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon of Nigeria on the church in the Muslim world, and former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey on the Anglican Communion, among others.

The entire series is full of such insights, and much more could be gleaned from its many lectures. It all comes back around, in the end, to the classical Anglican vision of a people formed by God though common worship, common prayer, and common reading of the Scriptures, growing together in wisdom, holiness, and love, and sent out into the world to witness to the gospel of Christ. Anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the Anglican tradition, in order to better reach out in mission to the Church and the world, would do well to study this fine series.

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